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Changing Server URL on the Backup Client
SAFEBackup ( Here is a ... more
Error saying "Data error (cyclic redundancy check).rnrn"
If you see "Data error (cyclic redundancy check).rnrn" in an error on your repor... more
Getting backup emails when the backup schedules are disabled
SAFEbackup ( So you hav... more
How to Fix a Simple Mode Error with SQL Backup
If you are backing up SQL databases and transaction logs at the same times, you ... more
Error : Failed to flush buffer to this destination
You may see an error in a report that includes "Failed to flush buffer to this d... more
Error : temp location failed to create as it already exists.
You may get an error in your report saying something along the lines of "Error i... more
How to Rebuild Index After BDB Error
Safebackup ( When a BDB... more
Incorrect Username or Password Error
Incorrect Username or Password Error SAFE Backup (https://www.safedatastorage.... more
Temporary directory does not exist
If you get this message within the backup report: Temporary directory does not e... more
"[CloudException.ConnectFailedExpt[SFtpManager.login] Failed to access SFTP" error when create VMware ESXi backup set
When creating a VMware ESXi backup set on SDSL Cloud Backup Manager OBM the foll... more
File list being slow to load or backup slow to run
When trying to do a restore you may find the file list is slow to open to show y... more
Error: failed to initialize
You may receive an error on your backup report for the following, or similar: F... more
Warning: Backup source does not exist
You may get a warning on your report saying "backup source does not exist". ... more
Error: cyclic redundancy check
If you receive an error that mentions a file location and says "cyclic redundanc... more
Client is wrong type
When creating a trial please make sure you download the correct backup client. ... more
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
If you receive this error within the backup report java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: J... more
Retry warnings or ChunkedOutputStream.FlushData.execute Failed to flush buffer to this destination
When running a backup job, you may see the following "Info" and / or "Errors" in... more
Warning Backup results with folders which contain "$" symbols
When backing up folders containing "$" symbols you may receive warning messages ... more
Text not appearing in Downloads tab
Text not appearing in Downloads Tabs SAFEBackup ( more