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Warning for a missing item - SAFE Backup PLUS

If a source you have specifically selected for backup is no longer where it is meant to be your SAFE Backup PLUS will show a warning, the email report you receive will show you the items it has been unable to locate.

It will also show you the set that reported the warning when you log into the client.

This can happen when the items has been deleted or moved. 

If you have changed the location of the file you will need to add the new location to the backup, as well as removing the old.

Login to your SAFE Backup PLUS client and select the Protection Item reporting the warning and select "edit settings".

Go to the "Items" tab along the top. Here you can see all the items I have specified for this Protected Item, as you can see from the report I was emailed, the folder I have highlighted in the red rectangle is the one reporting the error. First I am going to add this folder back to this set from it's new destination, press the "+" button when ready. If you wanted to make a new protected item for the new location you can follow this guide.

You can then simply navigate in the file tree to where the item is now located and select the small square next to the name of the item.  If you only wanted to select specific items in this folder you would expand it more and select them individually. Press "ok" when complete.

If you were to save and run a manual backup now you would still get a warning report. We now need to remove the old item destinations from the backup. When you press "ok" on the file tree you will be taken back to the "items" tab and you will see the item destination you have just added. To remove the old ones you simply select them and press the "-" on the right. 

Be sure to press "save" when you are ready. 

If the item itself has not been moved elsewhere and has actually been deleted, you just need to follow this last step and remove the item from the backup. 

You can test this has been done correctly by running a manual backup, a guide on this can be found here.

NOTE: You will only get a warning on items specified for backup. When I re-added this item I selected the file as a whole, not the individual items in the file. If one of those files gets moved or deleted the backup will still report as successful as it is looking at the folder itself. It will however show a decrease in the files it has backed up: