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Seed Load Backup - SAFE Backup PLUS

This is a graphical walkthrough of the Seed Load Backup process. For clients with slow internet connections, or with large data volumes, it is possible to perform the initial backup to a client-local external drive, and then send the external drive containing the encrypted data to the storage location administrator. This data is then copied directly to the client bucket, vastly speeding up the initial backup. Subsequent client backups are incremental, building on the data already-stored.

SAFE Backup PLUS supports this technique under the name "Seed Load Backup".

On the SAFE Backup PLUS backup client application, create a new "Local Path" Storage Vault. This will initially represent the seed device, and will later represent the remote device.

Perform a backup to that Storage Vault.

Now we have successfully backed up the data to the seed load device and the next step is to bring that data to your SAFE Backup PLUS Server.

Edit the client's Storage Vault settings in the to point to the Bucket.

It's very important that you change the existing Storage Vault, not create a new Storage Vault, because the data is encrypted with properties from this specific Vault.

Test backup/restore from the Storage Vault's new location.