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How to Seed your initial Backup

SAFE Backup

Seeding an initial backup can be very useful if you have a large amount of data to backup and or have a slow upload connection to the internet.

To create a seed, first create yourself a backup set with all the data you require to be backed up.

Login to the client and click on Backup Sets

Add backup Set

Name the backup set and select backup type.  For this example, we are using a simple File Backup

Now select data required.  As default, there are default location options like Desktop, Documents, Favorites and Outlook.  If these are not required, remove the ticks and then select "I would like to choose the files to backup"


Navigate to the folders / files you require to backup and click OK

Click Next to go to the Schedule Page.  Here, turn off the schedule and click next

On the destination page, click "+" to add a destination and select Local drive, browse to your seed drive and select a location to seed the data too.  In the example below, we have selected D:\seed and verified the backup client has access by clicking "test"  Click OK, then Next

If an option displays for Open Direct, turn off and click Next

In The encryption window, the default is User Password.  this is the most commonly used option so all data will be encrypted using your account password.  NOTE - If you forget your Encryption key, we have no way of restoring your data at a later date!

You have now created the backup set ready to seed to your seed location.  If you're ready to run now, select Backup now, otherwise you can run this later by simply clicking Backup from the main backup window screen

Checking the seed has run successfully

After running the seed backup you should see "Backup Completed Successfully"  if not, please contact us so we can see why it failed and if the data on the seed drive is worth sending to us.

It's also worth looking at the seed location to make sure you have data.  In the example below you will see there are two folders.  Settings and a numeric folder number.  Right click on the numeric folder and click properties.  The amount of data shown should equal the data size you're backing up allowing for some compression.



Do not delete this backup set even after you have sent it to us otherwise the seed will be useless to us.

Once we have uploaded the seed to our servers and verified, we will inform you that the seed is complete.  You will then need to perform the following tasks.

Open Backup Client -> Click On Backup Sets -> click on the backup set you have seeded and click Destination

Remove the seed location by double clicking on the destination then selecting delete this storage destination and click yes to the warning that will display.  It will then be followed by a second warning to delete the data in this location.  Select no as the seed drive won't be present.

Now add our cloud as the backup location.  Click "+" and select SDSL_CBS or Cloud Backup and click OK

Finally, click Backup Schedule and enable schedule and add a time that you want your backups to run.  Save and you're ready for the next backup to be incremental to our cloud.