Restore Automatically

You can set up an automatic restore that runs as frequently as you require, in order for this to work you need to make sure that you are logged in to the backup client and the encryption key is correct for the “backup set” that you want to recover.


Make sure that you save the password so that you will automatically login to the client otherwise the cmd restore won’t work.

If you have forgotten the password please refer to this guide:

If you have forgotten the encryption key please refer to this guide:

Then close the backup client and follow this path on windows explorer

C:\Program Files\SDSLSingleUser*\bin

*This will change depending on the version of client you have e.g. for business users it would be called SDSLBusinessCloudBackup.

Navigate to the Restore file in the folder

And make sure you have permission to modify this file by going to properties and assigning the account you are on to full control.


Then open the file on notepad by dragging the restore file onto notepad. This will open up the restore file in the notepad and will allow you to edit the batch file.

Once in here, Please write the name of the backup set (or the ID if you know it)

Please set the Destination to where you want to restore from (e.g SafeDataStorage or Local)

Please enter a file path to restore to on your current machine

Please enter the file path to restore from on the backup set.

Please set the date and time you want the backup to restore from(e.g 2017-10-10-12-00-00)

If you want to restore the permissions for the file please put “Y” or “N”

When the batch file is running, do you want to enter the encryption key every time. For the purposes of the guide we want to leave this off for the backup to restore automatically.

Please leave this as off.

This will replace the files in the directory

And finally set the home directory of the program which should be in “C:\Users\*USERNAME*\.acb or .obm”

Once that is done save the file. Next we need to set it so that it restores at a time which you want it to restore.

Search for the program Run and type in “taskschd.msc”


This will open up task manager. If you click on Create Basic Task…

A wizard should now show up. If you type in a Name and Description and then click on next.

Please select how frequently you want the backup to restore.

Then click on Start a program

Please click on next and then click on Browse and find the restore batch file we just worked on.

Please add the same directory to the “Start in (optional):”

C:\Program Files\SDSLSingleUser*\bin\

*This would change depending on the version of client you have e.g. for business users it would be called SDSLBusinessCloudBackup.

And then finish the wizard and the task should be created.

On task manager right click on the task we just created and click on properties

Please edit the general tab and enable Run with highest privileges. Change the “Configure for:” to the version of windows that you are running and then click on OK.

Now the task will bring up a cmd prompt and restore the files to the specified the directory that you wrote in that restore batch file. If you are not happy with the settings, you can always go back and change the settings in the restore file.