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How to Run a Data Integrity Check

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We recommend that you complete this on a regular basis as part of your own maintenance routine or if the summary reports an issue with the index or quota.

Login with user credentials and navigate to utilities, located bottom right

Then, within data integrity check, select the backup set destination where the issue is. To discover where the issue is please view the support document "Reading your report summary"

For the Integrity check, please ensure "Run Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)" is unticked. The "Rebuild index"can be ticked if the Index is corrupt, but as this is just an integrity check, please leave this unticked.

Data check will then start to run. The time taken varies depending on how much data needed to be checked. Local integrity checks can be quicker than server integrity checks.

Once complete, the findings will show the volume of data and if corrupted, the number of items and index broken data blocks. A more detailed log can be found via the view log button.

Once closed, it will display a message of successful complete and the ability to still view the log

If you've incurred difficulty at any point during this process, our support team will be more than happy to assist you.