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Installing on a Synology NAS - SAFE Backup PLUS

The installer will:

  1. Install the software into a branded /opt/SAFEBackupPLUS/ subdirectory

  2. Prompt you for an initial username and password

  3. Register the current Linux device into that backup account

  4. Start running backup client in the background.

Enable SSH on your Synology NAS

Login to the NAS as an admin user and click on Control Panel

Search the Control Panel for Terminal & SNMP and Enable the SSH service.

Installation of the client

You will need to run the .run file. This is a self-extracting archive, and will need to be executed in an elevated environment.

Once you have logged into the NAS using SSH. Log in as a admin user and proceed to login as a root user by using the command "sudo -i"

Once you have logged in as root user then please navigate to the .run file and run the following command "sh SAFE_Backup_PLUS-XX.X.X.run"

It should then prompt you to login with a username and password. Please enter the details and it should then proceed to:

NOTE: If you make a mistake with your username/password prompt, you will have to remove it and start again. A guide on removing can be found here.

The next step is to create a Protected Item for the backup, a guide for this can be found here