Out of memory error

Out of memory error

The error message for this problem will look similar to the one below. 

Throwable=Direct buffer memory, caused by [OutOfMemoryError] Direct buffer memory

An Out Of Memory Error is caused by a memory shortage, which can be allocated by modifying the Config.ini File. 


The first step is to access the location where the backup client is installed. 

C Drive - Program Files - SDSLBusinessCloudBackup

Double click on the config.ini file

The Current Memory allocation is set to 768. This will need to be changed to a value of 1200 allowing sufficient memory for the client to perform the backup.

Modify the XMX value so that it displays 1200.

Click Save and Exit.

When the value have been changed and saved, restart the SDSL_ Cloud_ Backup Services.

If you are unaware of how to restart the Service refer to the document below. 

Restarting the SDSL_Cloud_Backup Services