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Warning: Backup source does not exist

You may get a warning on your report saying "backup source does not exist".

This warning is showing you that a file or folder you have specifically selected has either been deleted, moved or renamed - and that these changes have not been updated in the client. 

If the location has been deleted and it is not needed for backup anymore you will need to update the client. Login and navigate to the relevant backup set. Select "source" and go to "I would like to choose the files to backup". From here open up the location, ensure you tick "show files" so you can see the files it is trying to backup on the right. The file that is missing will show in red as show below. 

Untick the file that is not needed and press "save".

If the file name has been changed navigate to the location again in "source" and "I would like to choose the files to backup" and select the new file name on the left.

You will still need to remove the old source location to stop the warning emails as advised above.

Please ensure you save any changes you make and close out the client when you have finished.