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How to Create a Backup Set - SAFE Backup

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Step-by-step Guide

You must have acquired your user credentials in order to complete this process.

1. Login with your user credentials

2. Navigate to and select backup sets, located at the top center square. This is shown by the pointer below. 

3. Add backup a new set

4. Name the backup set, preferably something related to the data, and select the backup type.  For this example, we are using a simple file backup

5. Now, select the data you required backed up.  If the default locations are not required, remove the ticks and select "I would like to choose the files to backup"


6. Navigate to the folders / files you require to backup and click OK. 

If you're unsure...

Advanced backup source tool support can be found here 

Filter tool support can be found here

7. Next, if required, you can schedule when you wish your backup to run

8. On the destination page,  add a destination and select SDSL_CBS or CBS (CBS = Cloud Backup Server)

9. If an option displays for Open Direct, turn off  

10. Your encryption password by default is the user password. This is the most commonly used option as all data will be encrypted using your account password.  Please note, if you forget your Encryption key, we won't be able to restore your data at a later date!

11. You've successfully created the backup set ready to send your data to our UK Cloud Servers.  You can run a backup now or wait for your schedule. 


If you've incurred difficulty at any point during this process, our support team will be more than happy to assist you.