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Enabling Two Factor Authentication

Please see the following guide on setting up Two Factor Authentication (or 2FA) for your SAFEHUB login. This enables an extra layer of security for yourself and the data held within SAFEHUB.

Once you are logged in to SAFEHUB you will see down the left hand side an option for “Two-Factor Authentication”

To use 2FA you will need to download either Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator onto your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play. They are free and both work in the same way, but for this guide we will concentrate on using Duo Mobile.


Once this has been installed on your mobile phone please go back to the 2FA page in SAFEHUB. From here you have the option to enable 2FA for your account by selecting “yes” and then “update”.

Once you press “Update” you will be given a QR code underneath.

This you will need to scan from inside the 2FA app. Open the app you are using and along the top you will see a plus sign.

The app will use the phones camera which you will need to hold up to the screen so it can see the QR scan, once it has done this you will be given the option to rename the connection - I would recommend as it will autofill with the username, which in this case is your email address. Pressing the tick button on the right hand side will save the connection.

The app will then go back to the main page and you will see what you setup, saved under the name you advised. It will also be giving you a 6 digit code – this code changes every 30 seconds (you will see the countdown next to the code). You can open and close the view of this code using the up and down button to the right.

If you are ready to test this please log out of SAFEHUB. When you go to log back in, after inputting your username and password you will be asked to input the six digit code currently being displayed on your app and press “Sign In”.

PLEASE NOTE: the space is not required when inputting the code.

SAFEHUB will then open up as usual to your dashboard.