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How to Locate the .obm/.acb Folder to Find the Debug Logs

If your backup has completed with errors, missed, or just failed run at all, then checking the debug log on the PC could provide some answers as to what is the cause of the issues. To find this file, you will first need to locate the .obm/.acb folder on the PC. You will see a different folder depending on the client version. If you have the Business User Client, you will see the .obm folder. If you have the Single User Client, you will see the .acb folder.

These files are usually located here:

C:\Users\[User name backup runs from]\[either .acb or .obm – depending on the type]\log\scheduler

If you prefer, here is a guide on how to find the .obm/.acb folder:

1. Open up Windows Explorer, and click into the C drive. 

2. Next, click in to the users folder

3. Now you will need to know which user profile the software was installed with. In this case, I am going to use the profile named Admin. This will different for each PC.

4. Once inside the user profile, you will see the .acb or .obm folders. I have both just to demonstrate.

5. You will now need to get to the location of the debug log. The following is the same for both acb and obm. Once inside the relevant folder, you will see a folder called log. Open this, and then click a sub-folder called 'Scheduler'.

The debug log file will be inside of this folder. You can then open it and find what the error could be.