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How to upgrade your Client to the latest Version

SAFE Backup

To find your client version, please view the following support document.

Software versions are regularly updated and to get the best results from the software it is advisable to keep the software up to date.

To upgrade, please go to our website www.safedatastorage.co.uk and click on "downloads" along the top navigation bar.

The latest versions will be at the top, you will need to download for the appropriate account (Business User or Single User) and operating system, if you have not renamed the client shortcut it should be called either "SDSL Single User Client" or "SDSL Business Cloud Backup".

Selecting appropriate options will start the download of a .exe file, open this when downloaded and press "yes" to "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer" and "yes" on "Installation wizard will uninstall the previous version of the software shortly. Do you want to continue?"

You will then see the Setup Wizard

Press "Next", the following page is terms and conditions, you will need to agree to these before upgrading.The wizard will then need the location to store the client, if you would like it in a different location to where it fills out by default please use the "Browse" function. 

If you are good with the default location please press "next".

The next window will be "Select Additional Tasks" which will ask you if you would like the software to be installed for "Anyone who uses the computer" or "Me Only". When selected please press "next".

The last page will confirm the settings you have added ready for install, you can use the "back" button to go back and change any of these settings. When ready to install upgrade please press "install".

Installation progress will be displayed.

When completed you will see the below window. By default "Launch SDSL Business Cloud Backup" will be selected. If you want to check anything in the client you can leave this ticked and press "finish". If not please deselect and press "finish".

Your backup client is now fully up to date.