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Altering your Schedule – SAFE Backup PLUS

You can alter the schedule you set when creating the Protected Item, either by changing the time, setting some limitations or adding a command. Login to the SAFE Backup PLUS Client and right click on the Protected Item you wish to change and select “edit”.

Select the “Schedule” tab, select the schedule you have (you may have multiple depending on your requirements), and then select the small pen icon on the right.

This will open up a small window that will allow you to edit all elements on the schedule. In the “General” tab you will be able to set the backup to skip it if is still running from the last backup, set time, and speed restrictions as well as a few other options you can see below. Ensure you “Save” any changes both here and back on the “Schedule” tab of the client.

If adding or editing a command, select the “Command” tab. To add one press the “+”, to edit an existing one, select it and then use the pen icon. Once added/edited press “ok” on the “Command” window, and save on this screen, and then again on the “Schedule” tab back on the client.

To change the time the backup runs select the “Time” tab, select the schedule you have set, and then the small pen icon again.

You can then edit the time and frequency the backup runs.

For example, at present my backup runs every day at 10.15am, this results in my getting “missed” reports over the weekend as my machine is not on. By selecting “Weekly” I can choose the days of the week my backup runs.

Press “OK” on the Schedule window and then “Save”, then “Save” again on the client.