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What is Safe Sync and What is the Difference between SafeSync and SafeSync Drive

Safe Sync

Safe Sync uses the very popular sharing software FileCloud. Safe Sync is a cloud sharing and syncing software that allows you to save your files on the cloud so that you can access them anywhere on the go. With constant syncing of changes made to your data, you will always have an up-to-date copy of your work available in the cloud. You can download Safe Sync from our website - please scroll down to the bottom for Safe Sync or for more info about the product, please visit this link here.

For our Windows and Mac clients, we have a install called SafeSync Drive which allows you to mount your online storage like a drive. We have created a table to explain the differences between the two installs.

SafeSync SafeSync Drive
Requires storage space on the HDD to store offline files Requires active and stable internet connection

Are files downloaded to desktop?

  • Yes, they can be synchronized with Server periodically

Are files downloaded to desktop?

  • Files are downloaded only on edit
  • Upon save, file is synchronized back to server

How does locking work?

  • No deliberate locking can be issued in SafeSync client.
  • As files are proactively synced between Server & Sync Client.
  • You will be notified on the Sync client if there are any issues.

How does locking work?

  • Automatically lock on edit in SafeSync Drive.
  • If lock is not possible, edit will be prevented and server copy will not be changed


SafeSync SafeSync Drive
Selective Sync - Not all of the files under SafeSync are copied to the Desktop Map SafeSync folders as a Drive
Actively Bi-directional Set limit on file size at Drive level
FileBrowser app to edit and browse all documents via a explorer like interface