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Downloading and Installing the client as a reseller - Cloud Backup PLUS

Cloud Backup PLUS is the name we have given to to the reseller version of our new product SAFE Backup PLUS.

Once you have created the account for your customer, you will need to download and install the client on their machine. 

Please connect to their machine and login to the portal. The default address for this can be found here - please note, if you have a branded build you will have your own address, if you are unsure what that is please contact us, you can use the chat function on this page, call us on 01689 661 030 or email support@safedatastorage.co.uk.

Alternatively you can download the client from  - this link will not require you to login to use. Please note - this is not for those with a branded build.

Once you have logged in select "Resources" along the top, then "Download Client Software".

Type in the name of the customer account you are downloading the software for and press "Find Software".

You will then be presented with all available downloadable clients, select the one you require, it will download as a zip file.

Unzip the file and run install.exe. Go through the installation, you will need to accept the licence agreement, you can change any of the default settings if you require.

Once installed, launch "Cloud Backup PLUS" and login with the account credentials you set for the customer.

You will then be prompted for a device name, as default this will enter your machine name. You can change this if you wish, but each device will need a unique name. Click "Register" when you wish to procced.

Please note - Each device uses a device license, there may be a charge for additional devices backed up in the account. You can call us for more information, or use the pricing calculator found in SAFEHUB

Once logged in you can start creating Protected Items, a guide on this can be found here - please note this guide has our branding.