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Restart Backup Scheduler Service on a MAC

Safe Backup

If you start receiving missed backups for a backup set that should run on a MAC and are unable to restart the MAC, please follow these instructions below.

Open terminal (Applications – Utilities – Terminal)

Make sure you are running as root user.

To run as root user type su – then enter – then put the password for the root user (no * will come up when you type the password)

Now as root user you need to get to the bin directory of the SDSL Program.

Type ls to find which directory you are in

Then cd .. to change directory till you see Applications

The type cd Applications (reminder that everything in terminal is case sensitive)

Type cd “SDSL Online Backup Manager” (no spaces are allowed so use quote marks)  Please also note that on some earlier installs the folder maybe slightly different.  Use "ls" to list folders to find the correct folder name

Type cd bin

Then once in the bin directory type

sudo ./Scheduler.sh

If this command is correct you won’t get an error.

Your backups will now run at the scheduled time - Please make sure that the machine is on and doesn't enter any sleep mode around the time of a backup