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Restoring Items - SAFE Backup PLUS

If you need to restore a file/s please use the following guide.

Login to the SAFE Backup PLUS client and select “Restore” on the left hand side.


This will then open up a new window. The first step is selecting the Storage Vault you wish to restore from, if you have more than one please select the correct one from the drop down, press "Next" when ready.

You will then need to select the Protected Items that backs up the items you wish to restore. You can either restore from the latest backup by just selecting the Protected Item, or you can restore from a past backup by using the drop down and selecting the correct one. Press "Next" when ready.

You will then be shown the folders and files from that backup that you can restore. Use the drop down and tick boxes as required to select what you wish to backup, press "Next" when ready.


You will now need to select where we are restoring to. Select “browse” and navigate to the location you wish to restore to, this can either be the same location as it was before or a new one, press “select folder” when you have made your decision.


If you are restoring to the same location and are happy to overwrite the current file that is there you can just select both the ticket box options. 


NOTE: If restoring a file to the same location which still has a file with the same name, you will need to rename the file your side to run the restore.

Press “restore” when ready.

You will then be taken back to the main client and you can see the status of the restore.

You can check the items has been restored via File Explorer if you wish.