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Differences between Access Types

Safe Sync

There are four different account access types available to users in the web portal for Safe Sync:

Admin Access: allows for complete control over the SAFE Sync system and will be used to manage the SAFE Sync server instance. The default admin user account is 'admin', other users can be marked as 'admins' but will be given a limited set of permissions.

Full Access: allows its own private cloud storage space in the "My Files" area. These user accounts can store, share, view and download files in their own private cloud storage space, and view/download files shared with them by other user accounts.

Guest Access: has restricted access to the SAFE Sync system. These user accounts do not have a private cloud storage and can only view, upload and download files shared to them by other user accounts. They can re-share content only if they have this permission added.

Limited Access: can access SAFE Sync via the Web browser and will only be able to view, upload and download the content shared with them.  These account types do not count towards the user license limit. Limited Access accounts cannot be authenticated via AD and can only be local user account. Additionally, their email accounts cannot use the same domain specified in the SAFE Sync URL. Limited Access accounts can't be added directly to network shares via the admin portal - they can however consume content from network folders if they are shared by any other normal (non-admin) user using their sharing options.