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Veeam - Add Safe Data Storage as a service provider

You need to follow the below steps to connect your instance of Veeam Backup and Replication to Safe Data Storage as your Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider.

Open your Veeam Backup and Replication Client and navigate to "Backup Infrastructure", right click on "Service Providers" and select "Add service provider".

You will then be asked to add the following information. DNS name or IP address is "veeam.safedatastorage.co.uk". For the description please add "SDSL Veeam Cloud Connect server".

Please only select the tick box if you have subscribed to our management service. Press "Next" to proceed.

You will then see this page, from here you can view the certificate and confirm it is pointing to us. The second section on this page is where you can "add" your Veeam Cloud Connect credentials - this is required for the setup. You can add a description if you wish. When all the information is added please press "Next" to proceed.

The next page "Backup Storage" will show your information for the account, please ensure this is correct and press "apply" to proceed.

Your account details will then be imported to your Backup and Replication Client, when this is done please press "Next"

You will then be displayed with a summary of what has been done. Press "Finish" when done.

Now this is done you can set up Cloud Copy, a guide on how to do that can be found here.