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Add Windows Credentials to a service

Sometimes you will need to add the Windows Credentials to the Backup Service, for instance if the backup is connecting to a NAS, or if the scheduled backups miss even when the machine is on – but manual backups are successful.

To do this you will need to connect to the machine and open up services, find the service for the product you have, right click and go to properties.

This will open up the below window. Ensure you are on the “Log On” tab and then select “This Account”, you can use the “Browse” facility to add the correct user name, you will then need to add the password, press “Apply” and “Ok”.

You will then need to restart the service, your system may prompt this to be done automatically. If not make sure the service is highlighted and press “restart” on the left hand side.

You can either wait for the next scheduled backup to see if this has resolved the problem, or you can add a temporary schedule to check sooner. A guide on adding a schedule can be found here.