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Restoring From Seed Backup

SAFE Backup

If a full restore is required and your internet connection is too slow, we can arrange a seed restore where we send you a USB drive with your encrypted data.

After receiving the USB drive you will need to open the backup client and click the Utilities button.

Here, you will want to locate the path to your data on the USB Drive sent by us. The path location will be similar to the one below. Select the folder named Blocks.

You will be prompted to enter Encryption key.  This is usually the password you first created the account with.

You can then select which files you want to restore by inserting a tick within the box. The grey box indicates that you are attempting to restore a file or folder within it.

Within this menu, you have various options including one that allows you see different versions of the files. This is useful if you need to restore a previous version of a document.

You can choose to restore the files to their original location by selecting the option.

If you wish to restore to an alternate location, you will need to specify the path of the new location in which to restore to. An example of this could be an external hard drive.

Click the Restore button when you have selected the location to restore.

The restore from seed is now complete