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How to Run A Manual Backup

SAFE Backup

If you want to run a backup manually as you have just made important changes to certain documents then this is your guide. In this article, I will explain how to backup manually and the different options that you encounter when doing so. 

Login to the client and open "Backup"

Select backup set with the files you wish to backup manually. If you're yet to create a backup set then click here

Expand the advanced options. There are 3 options you can change:

In-file delta type

If you want to only backup the changes then click on incremental. If you have run a incremental backup for a few days and would like to combine those then please run a differential backup. If you would like to backup up all files regardless if there has been no changes then please run a full backup. 


If you would like to run a manual backup to a local destination instead of the online one then you can change that here or you can run both if you would like.

Retention policy

You can run a backup and enforce the retention policy so if there are any files which are older then your retention period then tick it and it will remove those files completely while running the backup. If you would like to find out what your retention period is or what it is then please follow this link here.

Once you are happy with the changes then click backup.

Once complete, you can access an in depth review through expanding the button next to progress bar, revealing the log.