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Creating an account as a reseller - Cloud Backup PLUS

Cloud Backup PLUS is the name we have given to to the reseller version of our new product SAFE Backup PLUS.

To create an account on Cloud Backup PLUS for one of your clients, please login to your portal. The default address for this can be found here - please note, if you have a branded build you will have your own address, if you are unsure what that is please contact us, you can use the chat function on this page, call us on 01689 661 030 or email support@safedatastorage.co.uk

Once you have logged in, select "Customers" along the top, then "Add Customer".

You will need to fill out your customers information, all required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). Once completed press "Continue".

The next step is ensuring that the correct time zone is set for your customer. Once changed via the drop down menu, press "Continue".

You will be required to confirm that you comply with the License Agreement before completing the setup. When ready select the tick box to show you are happy with this, and then the "Confirm" button. If you need to go back and check anything on your setup you can use the "Back" button.

You will then see a confirmation message that your customers account has been created.

You can also view your Cloud Backup PLUS customers by selecting "Customers" along the top, then "View Cloud Backup PLUS Customers". You will then be shown a table with your customers and information on their accounts.

You are now ready to download the client software and install this for your customer, a guide for this can be found here.