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Creating A Backup Set

Creating A Backup Set

This document will explain how to create a backup set and what you should be backing up.

Please Note - We do not store the encryption key, so if lost, you won't be able to restore your data

To create a new backup set you'll first need to click on the Backup Sets tab.

To create a new backup set you'll need to Add New Backup Set.

This will give you the option to create a new backup set. Here you can change the name of the backup set.

Here you can select the Backup Source. You can customize what files by clicking the bottom link.

Here you can select specific locations. You can search through local files or ones on your network depending on what you want to backup. You can expand these to be more specific.

If one of the boxes is grey, this means that within the disk somewhere you have selected files to be backed up. If there is a green tick within the box it means the entire disk is being backed up.

Here you can select the Schedule you wish to set for the automated backup. You can set the backup to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom setup.

The storage Destination refers to where your data will be sent to. By selecting SafeDataStorage it will be sent to our servers directly. By adding another destination you can perform an initial seeding.

By encrypting your data it makes it safe and secure when being sent directly to us. When encrypting your data, it will need a key in order to be decrypted. This key will need to be remembered as without it your data is useless.

Windows User Authentication refers to the windows user you are backing up from.

After entering the windows user details, the backup set has been created successfully and you can begin the process of backing up the data.