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Modify Existing Backup Sets

Modify Existing Backup Sets

This document will explain how to modify what you are backing up in existing backup sets.

The Backup Source is the option of choosing what you want to backup and where the files are going to be sourced from.

1. When on the client, click on the Backup Sets tab.

2. Select the specific Backup Set you wish to modify.

3. Navigate to the Source tab within the menu.

4. By clicking on the link at the bottom of the screen you can select the files you wish to backup.

5. Here you can select certain files and folders which can decrease the amount of clutter you may backup if you chose any of the previous options.

6. When you've finished, make sure you save the changes made.

7. If you wish to perform a backup manually go to Backup within the main menu.

8. Select the Backup Set you want to backup.