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Changing User Password

Changing User Password

NOTE : Changing  or resetting your password does not change your encryption key.

The encryption key will remain the same - Refer to this document to find your encryption key

Find your encryption key


Resetting your password in Version 7

To reset your password in Version 7 ensure you enter your Login Name and then click Forgot Password

The message prompt below will ensure an email has been sent to the address associated with the account.

The email you receive should contain a link similar to the one below. 

This will lead to a screen that will allow you to create a new password to login with. 


Changing your password in Version 7

To change your password in version 7 you'll first need to click the Profile Icon next to your login name. 

When on the Properties tab, go to Password options. 

To change your password click Change Password.

You will be required to type your existing password before creating a new one.

Click Next and type in a New Password and Re-Enter the password. 

Click OK to save changes.